FBR Tax Asaan App; Registration via mobile phone

Sales tax plays an important role in the growth and economic stability of a state. Hence, it is considered to be an ethical and national responsibility to register yourself and become a filer. FBR is one of the most destructive and damaged institution of Pakistan, courtesy all the successive governments. And this institution had single-handed destroyed the economy and growth of Pakistan to a great level.  FBR has widened the fiscal gap and therefore, some adequate and relevant actions had to be taken by them to overcome the tax problem and promote self-filing practice.

The federal Board of Revenue introduced the online tax filing system on their website but it did not receive much appreciation. People had to get to their laptops every time they wanted to check on their IRIS account. Since a gadget, mobile phone, everyone carries in their pocket every time and have access to almost everything. It was the need of the time that FBR launches their mobile phone application.

Hence, the FBR launched the mobile application ‘FBR Tax Asaan Application’ which is compatible to both, IOS and Android to ease the process of tax filing. After the launch, some officials of FBR also stated that this app has received a lot of appreciation from working and salaried class. So like we mention, you don’t need to grab your laptop or computer to register for income tax or sales tax or checking up on your account, you can simply do it on your phone.

This app has three features and here is a detailed guide on the information about the app and how to use it,

  1. E-payments:

One way of encouraging people to pay taxed regularly is making the process convenient and hassle free for them. FBR tax Asan app allows the people to generate payment slips of income or sales tax without physically visiting the regional tax office or logging in to the system.

  • Online Verification:

Tax payers need to keep updates of any new development or changes, or any other legalities issued to time in a timely manner. Prior to the app, it was difficult to keep a check and balance about their tax status and any other requirement. Now with the app, the tax payers can get any related information or check if they are listed in the Active tax payers or not.

  • Registration for Sales tax and Income tax:

FBR has upgraded the application with the latest feature. Now businesses can easily register their businesses for income tax and sales tax

How to register for sales tax:

  1. Download the app from play store.
  • Click on the menu on the top left and chose sign in. Sign in using the credentials given to you. If you are registering as an individual, use your personal but if you are registering the business then use the company’s credentials. In either case, after signing in the name will appear.
  • Now chose the option ‘Sales tax registration’ from the menu and select the ‘manufacturer’ or ‘other than manufacturer’ option, depending upon your business.
  • Fill out other details such CNIC and name of the proprietor, and bank account details.
  • You will also be required to attach you bank account certificate.
  • Add your business address which will lead to another form solely based on the location such city, zip code, street name, commercial or personal property.
  • Choose ‘take premises pics’ from the menu and take GPS tagged photos of the business.
  • Now click on machinery pictures and take pictures of the machinery.
  • Now choose the ‘Manage utility meters’ and enter electricity and gas meter numbers to record the meter. Also add pictures of the meters under the option for ‘Take utility meter pics’
  • After finishing it off, you can select registration and submit your form.

How to register for Income tax:

  1. After signing in, you need to file your returns for the respective year
  2. Later, you have to choose between a resident or non-resident salaried person.
  • Further from this step, you need to mention your source of income such as salary, commercial plot, monetization. For instance, we select ‘Annual salary’, you will be asked your total annual salary in numbers
  • You can also add more than one source of income, if applicable.
  • You need to carefully fill the form, looking out for all options. If you have any claimable tax, you can mention that in tax credits. Then this amount will be deducted from your payable tax credit.
  • Then you also have to mention the taxes that you have paid in the entire year. Even if it is the vehicle token tax or bank receipt.
  • After this you need to enter your wealth statement. Your assets (your moveable and immoveable property), your inflows (your declared income, loan or any other receivables or incomings), and your outflows (all your expenses in the entire year).
  • You can go through and review your application before submitting. It is important that you double check before registering.
  • You need to declare that all mentioned information is true and verified.
  • After this, you must have successfully registered and can view your status anytime.

Although the app has received some critiques and have technical glitches which need to be resolved. However, this is plausible step taken by the authorities in order to promote self-filing. We hope the issues are addressed soon so people can have a good experience. However, do let us know if this blog was helpful and your experience using the application in the comments section.

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