Situation of Local Bus Stops In Karachi

Karachi being the metropolis and largest city of Pakistan has to manage the transport in such a way as to provide a high level of mobility, equity and environmental sustainability. Unfortunately, Karachi at the moment has been facing transport and infrastructure crisis since a long time. The number of buses has declined which has forced the customers to travel on the roofs of available buses or by their own conveyance. Buses don’t follow basic safety standards as there are no formal maintenance checks. Many have broken windows, torn seats and missing doors. Cherry on top, the bus stops are in their worst condition possible. They are either utilized for sleeping by homeless people or are mounted by girth of dirt.

Karachi with a population of 212 million is still struggling with the transport infrastructure. With a lack of bus terminals and stops, these public transport vehicles are compelled to stop at unauthorized places. This does not only create hassle for the travelers to find and catch their respective transport but also disrupts the entire traffic situation of the streets. Although there are more than 100 bus stops in this mega city but majority of these have seen the worst and the rest are reaching there.

Below mentioned are the bus stops of Karachi;

Paposh (jotay)Faqeer colony
Anda Mor (North Karachi)Khamosh colony
Kerala Mor (North Karachi)Future colony
Bhai Jaan Chowk (federal b area)Kamwari colony (mungo peer)
Chai chowk (liyari)Pathan colony
Machar colony (Do hain Gull ba/al asifGutter bageecha
Perfume chowk (gulistan e johar)Nasir jump
Nagan chowrangi (north Karachi)Khuda ki basti
Bhains colony (landi)Ranchor line
Kala pull (defence)Qalandria chowk
Do minute chowrangi (north Karachi)Gull bai
Mental chowk (landi)2 and 3 talwaar
Nanak warahKala board
Bheem PuraPatel para
Murgi khanaGeedar colony
Landi kotalKumar Warah
Katti pahariiBandar road
muqqa chowkChaubiz market
Achanak chowkChakkii warah
Angara gowthKhori garden
GolimarDupatta gali
100 quarter (korangi)Token stop
Barzita linesBottal gali
Lines areaPareshan chowk
Sangho lineU.P morr
RamsuamiNala stop
Chamra chowrangiKachii gali
Doli or kari kahataDhaii number
Badal nalaDolat ramm
Dumba goth (gadap malir)Sarray 3 number
Teen hattiJackson market
Piatal galiiNetti jetti pull
Paihailwaan gotDua chowk
Chanisar haltNorani kabab
Adam bastiBumbai bazaar
Khodhi gardenFawaara chowk
Matkay wali palya korangiAncholi
Anjaam colony10-Number
13-DChandni chowk
Khadda marketKhilaafat chowk
Taj colonyBada maidaan, Chotta maidaan
Agrah taj colonyBhangi pada
Bark khanaSheesh mehel
Kalloo chowkMosamyaat
Mohobbat nagarAchii qabr
Sakhi hassanNew chakkii
New chaaliBe-roazgaar chowk
Allah wala townEighty nine
DalmiyaBakra peddii

The main reason of failure of public transport sector in Karachi is that it is politically orphaned. The political leaders of Karachi have never tried to change the urban transport culture of their own city and provide better commuting facilities to their own voters. The issue has been raised in all cabinets and in all governances, budget had been allocated as well but no direct measure has ever been taken. The already ravaging system has been neglected by governments on governments.

Undoubtedly, the metropolis needs a comprehensive public transport system as soon as possible. A lot of projects and initiatives has been taken by the current government as well but no evident outcome has been seen to support this claim. Therefore, the authorities need to study the faults in designs and the reasons that cause delays in the completion of the said projects on time.

Many people from all over Pakistan come to Karachi in search of work and livelihood. Karachi is immensely blessed with opportunities and like all other sectors, Karachi public transporter is a profitable sector. This sector can not only contribute to the economy and create hassle free mobility of the citizen but can create employment opportunities as well. But this needs a strong political will and vision on the part of government and if the government utilizes this opportunity wisely, many new investors would jump into arena for making quick money.

The government or authorities should allocate adequate budget for transport infrastructure of Karachi. The physical conditions of the stops should be improved and the bus stops should be given proper names with seating. Other than this, buses should be scheduled timely and the travelers should know about the arrival and departure of their respective vehicle. It is important to know that for efficient and smooth running of transport, infrastructure needs to be developed and maintained.

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