Why consider living in Scheme 33?

The hot pie for all investors and buyers, scheme 33, previously known as the Gulzar-e-hijri is rapidly developing and creating its buzz around Karachi. Scheme 33 is located near National highway, its southern edge runs across the Gulistan-e-jauhar and the northern edge touches Gulshan-e-maymar. It is an affordable housing program targeted towards the middle class without compromising on the quality and providing the modern and latest facilities. A lot of housing projects have been started not just around this area but around Karachi but scheme 33 has been able to capture the market as compared to the competitors.

Scheme 33 is not a recently launched project but its history goes back to 1971. When Karachi development Authority (KDA) was held responsible for the development and construction and Board of Revenue (BDR) decided and set all the policies, pricing structure and other terms and conditions of this project. According to a news reported by DAWN, “The planning and development work was assigned to Karachi Development Authority (KDA) and the land was allotted to 137 cooperative housing societies from 1973 onwards. The BOR had allotted 4,707 acres of land to 137 societies out of an initial total area of 26,026 acres, of which 1,400 acres was earmarked as corridor area while 4889 acres as a green-belt.” 

This aspiring project fell under the ignorance of institutions and stakeholders. After the neglect on neglect from multiple governments, it was fully transferred under the authority of City District Government of Karachi (CDGK). After 33 years, this project was able to achieve the due effort and development and currently has more than 293 housing societies within it including Lawyers Colony, Incholi Cooperative Housing Society, Gwalior Cooperative Housing Society, Memon Nagar, and Gulshan-e-Kaneez Fatima. The project is still under process and aspires to grow and provide housing facility to a vast majority.  

Attractions and facilities in Scheme 33:

Scheme 33 is located in one of the most convenient and central locations of Karachi. It has access to all the amnesties and other activities happening around Karachi. With Karachi rapidly expanding, the need for housing has increased significantly along with it. Scheme 33 is a one-stop property need and has gained a fair market value. Therefore, it has attracted along of genuine buyers towards it so far. Some other factors to take under consideration before investing in scheme 33 are following:

1. Markets and stores:

One of major concerns of buyers before buying a property is evaluation of the markets and stores around. Nobody likes to travel long every day for daily use things. That’s why, gated communities and far flung areas have their in-built supermarkets, stores and mini marts to make the residence not just modern and luxury but convenient as well. Talking of markets and superstores, Scheme 33 has abundance of markets and grocery around the areas. Many societies have super marts of their own within their vicinity.

Beside these, Scheme 33 has well-known superstores around the area as well which include Bin Hashim and Al-jadeed on Safoora chowk, Metro and Imtiaz Super Market nearby and Waqar super store in Karachi Univeristy which is quite popular for daily and domestic goods. The safoora area has an entire range of vendors of vegetables and fruits where a varitry of fruits and vegetables are available along with small and traditional Chae ‘Dhaba’ or hotel for small refreshments and breakfasts.

Other than grocery stores, KDA Scheme 33 has KDA market nearby which is huge market of shops ranging from lace shops to complete hand-embroided boutiques. Scheme 33 karachi have branded outlets for eatern and western wear as well such as outlet stores of Ideas, Levis, Alkaram, etc. Other well-known shopping plazas and centers around the area are Samama Shopping Mall and Qurtuba Market. Both of the markets are famous for high-quality and variety of design of both unstitched and stitched.

2. Commuter routes:

This area is a hub of commuter routes. Many local and private transport vans, buses, and hiace pass through the bus stops in this area. When it comes to travelling and commuting, most of the residents like to save money and time through it. The route the public buses take is from Saadi Garden scheme 33 and crosses through Safora Goth, Mosamiyat, University road, Safari Park, NIPA, hasan square, Kashmir chowrangi, Islamia college, Saeed Manzil, Jama cloth and to all the way to Kemari.

Some of the most important bus stops in the vicinity include the following: 

  • NIPA bus chowk, it is one of the most popular bus stops since most of the buses from all parts of Karachi pass through it.  
  • The other one is Karachi Bus Terminal, a famous public transport spot, is located on Karachi – Hyderabad Motorway
  • They have other bus stops such as GADAP Town Bus Stop on Malir Link to Super Highway.

Other public transport is also very convenient from this area are Daewoo Bus terminal is on the national highway nearby the Scheme 33. The bus station is comfortable with a large a parking station for all the buses. The rides of Daewoo are also very appreciable with excellent service. There are many railways stations around the vicinity but the two main stations are at Malir Cantt and Drigh Colony railways station are a 10-minute drive away. Jinnah International Airport is also a short 15-minute drive away.

3. Educational and health facility:

Another important factor is the accessibility to good education and health facility nearby. Parents don’t want to put their children in the trouble and hassle of travelling far for good education and in case of emergency, a nearby and reliable hospital or clinic is important.

Some of the most popular schools in the area are: 

  •   The Smart School Paradise Campus which comes under the boundaries of Scheme 33.
  • Standard Grammar school and St. Jacob Grammar school in Marora Goth are popular schools, providing great environment for learning
  •   White House Grammar School and Head Start School are located near Gabol Goth.
  •   The Haracks school in Chapal Sun City which falls withing Taleem Hub focusing on the quality education

Other than schools, there are many private and public colleges 10 to 15-minute drive from the area. Public colleges include Government Degree college women Karsaz, government college Malir Cantt, and Allama Iqbal government degree college is model colony. Whereas private colleges such as Smart college, Karachi allied intermediate college and Bahria cadet college.

Talking about higher education, some best universities are also in close proximity to the area. For Instance, University of Karachi (UOK), it is one of the biggest university with maximum number of students in different fields and interests. Besides, UOK there is NED institute of engineering and technology which offers programs for graduate, undergraduate and postgraduate programs in science, engineering. It is one of the oldest and most recognized engineering institute of Pakistan which graduates serving in different parts of the world. NED(UET) is an affiliation which works for the same objective and purpose. Another notable university that lie within 10-minute distance is Dow university of health sciences, transforming aspiring students into hard working, talented and skilled doctors. Every parent wants high class education for their child, having such institutes nearby gives scheme 33 Karachi a plus point.

Having medical facility available for any emergency situation is also very important. Luckily, scheme 33 Karachi has DUHS nearby with a team of skilled doctors and technicians. DUHS is situated in Sector 29 of Scheme 33 on Dr. Abdul Qadeer road. It is a 1000 bed hospital, having an emergency room, general wards, operation theatre and labor rooms. It offers treatment at very affordable rates.

There are other private hospitals such as Agha Khan university, Memon medical institute, Kiran hospital, Patel hospital and Darul Sehat hospital near KDA scheme 33 Karachi.

4. Congregation places and other necessities:

It is essential for all residential areas to have places of worship in nearby. Since Muslims pray five times a day, it is necessary to have a mosque nearby at a walking distance so they can easily get to their prayers every time and every day. Therefore, there are several mosques nearby and churches and temples are in close proximity.

The most prominent mosques in and near the area are as follows: 

  •   A.F.O.H.S Mosque is of the most famous mosque with a grandiose architecture in the A.F.O.H.S colony, Gulzar-e-hijri, scheme 33.  
  •   Another large mosque with beautiful architecture is the Askari V Mosque in the Malir Cantonment area
  •   Several mosques in different blocks of Saadi Town including Jamia Masjid Hazrat Bilal in block in Block 2 and Masjid-e-Umar in Block 3
  • There are a few a few other mosques and places for other Islamic school of thoughts such as Imam Bargah Haidery and Imambargah Ashraf Ul Masajid

There are several other mosques around the area and churches as well. The nearest and most ones include Seventh Day Adventist Church, St. Matthews Church of Pakistan and Divine Mercy Catholic Church in Pehlwan Goth area.

Since Scheme 33 Karachi has a fair market value and a lot of people reside in the scheme 33 societies, all banks have their branches open in the nearby areas. All the residents have easy access to the facilities of banks, ATMs and other financial institutions such as money exchange.

5. Pricing Structure of Scheme 33

Scheme 33 is one of the most affordable and convenient housing project in Karachi focusing on the modern and day to day facilities of the residents. It has developed relevant awareness and image among the mind of genuine buyers. People mostly opt for scheme 33 societies is the price and ideal location. So, here are the details of average prices in Scheme 33 in Karachi

Plot Size                                       Average Plot Prices
120 Sq. Yards23 lacs – 1.2 crore
200 Sq. Yards45 lacs – 1.75 crore
240 Sq. Yards55 lacs – 1.71 crore
400 Sq. Yards85 lacs – 2.25 crore
600 Sq. Yards1.2 crore – 3 crore
1,000 Sq. Yards3 crores – 16 crore

The property in scheme 33 is divided into categories; residential and commercial and further into flats, apartments, plots and shops. However, the following trend is followed for the sales of scheme 33 Karachi;

House for sale in scheme 33

Ever since the buzz, the prices of the societies in scheme 33 have started increasing relating to the demand of the particular society. The most popular society of all are the Kaneez Fatima society and the Saadi town. They have houses of 2 to 8 bedroom depending upon your need. The prices are high yet very affordable compared to other areas with all the modern day facilities. The price ranges from 25 lacs to 3 crores.

Flats and Plots for sale in scheme 33:

Taking the demand under consideration, builders have started to build the flats with every facility from studio apartments to big luxury flats. The flats are of reasonable rates yet they give out high returns. The price ranges from 7 lacs to 2.75 crores.

The plots are still under development but have started receiving investment offers from genuine buyers who can foresee the returns in the longer run or coming time. Most plots which are ready for sale have high rates but there are some at reasonable rates

Commercial Property in Scheme 33, Karachi

Besides the residential property, Scheme 33 Karachi also offers commercial property for sale or rent. The prices of commercial property are reasonably low for rent or sales. Moreover, the business-grade amenities being offered are more and can be tough to find in other areas of the city. 

Recreation in Scheme 33:

Scheme 33 does not only come with best educational, health, grocery and banking facility but have amazing outlets of distractions and fun. It has the most modern day activities around including best shopping malls with top local and international brands and outlets, restaurants ranging from all cuisines, adventure parks, neighborhood park with best open gym, indoor clubs and gyms, sport arena, museums, cinemas and theatres.

Luckyone Mall, Millenium mall tops the list with most brands and variety available. They have various food streets with different kinds of eateries and restaurants such as KFC, Burger o’clock, Sizzlers, lazzo De Café, Subway, California, Pizza hut, Broadway pizza and many others.

For people who are interested in sport and fitness activities, scheme 33 Karachi has best available gyms and clubs with international standard and trainers. They have National Coaching center and KDA sports complex near KDA Scheme 33. There are adventure parks such as Sindbad, Pavilion End club, Aladdin water park and theme park. PAF museum and Maritime museum are also a short drive away from scheme 33 Karachi.

The area is full of activities and stuff and thus has a great immense value. It is a large housing project and connects with a lot of areas and a lot of amnesties. From high-end malls, shops, markets, restaurants, beauty salons, clubs, gyms, universities, hospitals and clinics to affordable places, Scheme 33 Karachi has covered it all for you.

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