Why now is the time to buy and rent?

In this era of marketing, we’ve seen many Real estate agents pursuing us to buy a plot most of the time for their own benefit. They come up with such facts and figures that persist us to finally buy that plot but have we ever wondered why we are buying this plot and what is the need of this purchasing when already having one?

As we all are aware of the fact that in the past few years, Pakistan was listed as one of the backward countries of the world. But with the passage of time, Pakistan is progressing very well due to the implementation of the rapidly growing technologies and the struggle of many citizens who aimed to see their country on the standard level to meet the international requirements. Due to this rapid progress, real estate market is also getting established.   

There are plenty of reasons to buy or sell the property in 2019 but most important ones are described below:

  1. Interest rates are comparatively moderate
  2. Rapidly changing government policies
  3. When you are financially settled
  4. Economic progress of country
  5. Newly developed areas

Newly Developed Areas

Pakistan is improving the property market by establishing high rise buildings in new sectors of the city. New projects in different cities of Pakistan are being ranked at the top most considerable places to live. Today, we are going to talk about the Karachi’s most popular places to live.

Bahria Town:

It is pretty obvious that Bahria Town (City of arts) has got the heart of many citizens as it feels like being in a totally remote area. A life in Bahria Town is extremely different than living in other parts of Pakistan. It is considered as the “City of arts” due to the ravishing street art and the archeological sightseeing. It’s a dream of almost every citizen to get a chance to live a comfortable life with peace and luxury. A person who intend to purchase or rent a home in Pakistan can’t hesitate to prefer living in this dream city. Beautiful greenery, floral parks and residential facilities like roads, sewerage, mosque, schools, clubs, Shopping malls, cinemas, and security facilities are all found here.

Gulshan e Maymar:

            If we go through Gulshan e Maymar then we can observe large number of its areas are totally changed due to speedy construction of high rise buildings. If we see the pictures of Gulshan e Maymar from the previous year’s then we can observe how deserted it was. The life here was considered as not less than living in a village. With a passage of time the civil engineers with their best efforts designed an emerging architecture to improve the life of this metropolitan city. Therefore, living in Gulshan e Maymar is now a good option which are mostly adopted by professionals like doctors, engineers, businessmen, bankers and other occupational groups.

North Nazimabad:

North Nazimabad is the newly developed Town with highly furnished apartments and flats. The beauteous buildings, peaceful environment, and finely maintained facilities are greatly considerable when making a decision of living

With a passage of time the prices of the newly developed areas are going to get higher

And it won’t be feasible for everybody to afford it. So, now is the best time to consider buying and renting options to get the benefits from low prices and low tax rate as compared to the future.


Most of the people are looking for small, decent size apartments, they believe that living in a small sized apartment can result in crucial depletion of monthly expenses. On the other hand some people think that small apartments can take less time to get organized, cheaper to decorate and the maintenance of such cozy places are troubled-free.


             Demographics plays a vital role in property market as the number of well-educated employees are enlarging. The increasing population of the country is one of the main reasons behind the rising market rate. Each family needs to own or rent an apartment according to their number of family members. So, joint family system and single couple system is highly affecting property market.


Pakistan comes in the 6th most popular countries of the world and its population is swiftly increasing and seems to outstretch 300 million by 2050. Expatriates interests in different areas of Pakistan due to the bright future in coming years. The increasing economy, the highly educated employees and newly constructed projects has inspired the foreigners to make investment in property market of Pakistan. Especially when investing in dollars can make a big profit as the currency rate in Pakistan are quite low as compared to other well established countries.

“The individual investor should act consistently as an investor and not as a speculator.” – Ben Graham

Investing in Pakistan is the far most better option because of the reasons described above. In case of any consultation, feel free to contact us and make sure to visit our current projects to know the recent areas in property market to invest in.

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