A Complete Guide to Gulshan-e-Maymar

A top-notch housing community, Gulshan e Maymar emerged as a revolutionary society for the city of lights that completely changed the stereotypical living standards. Gulshan e Maymar has the privilege of being among the pioneer housing societies that knocked in the idea of a Gated community.

Before diving into details, let’s just have a bit of an overview. The society is planned, having comprised of 11 sectors, each loaded with the basic amenities such as water supply, electricity, markets, and parks. Also, the roads are wide, clean, and built-in a much-organized way, excluding the idea of mismanagement that may lead to roadblocks. However, the managed work at Gulshan e Maymar can be attributed to the acquired fine management staff.


The history of Gulshan e Maymar is stretched back to the 70s when the idea of this housing society was first proposed. Although, it was officially launched in 1980, as a small model community, based on 139 acres of land. Within no time, people recognized its importance and an influx of individuals inhabited the society. This massive inhabitation led to the extension of Gulshan e Maymar to about 1023 acres of land. However, it didn’t happen in the blink of an eye but witnessed 13 phases of extensions and development.

Gulshan e Maymar Today

In the present, this society is recognized as one of the top societies in Karachi. The acknowledgement comes from the fact that it is tagged with the label, Mini Islamabad, probably for similar lines. As said, the society bears a total of 11 sectors, running from Q to Z. While living here, you don’t have to travel long distances to meet up your needs, as each sector is provided with catering facilities.

When rolling in Gulshan e Maymar, your eyes will notice the mesmerizing outlook, your ears would feel the soothing silence and your body would feel the pleasant fresh air. If not stunned, it will leave you in awe.


Gulshan e Maymar has a lot to offer, be it the location or the recreational activities, it could be your best bet! However, it is given due importance for the following features:

  • Secured- the society is safe and sound, equipped with alert security
  • Healthy environment- lush green bushes and green belts make the environment healthy
  • Lucrative Investment- this area has been providing the investors with a high return on investments


The location helps it stand out from the rest, being located in the vicinity of Super Highway, in MDA scheme 45. People are attracted to this society, primarily for its remote location from the main city. The remote location enables this society to endow a healthy environment, as It’s protected from the pollution generated in the main city.

120 SQY Residential Plot in Block R3 Gulshan-e-Maymar Karachi - Manahil  Estate


There is a never-ending list of facilities provided by this society. It surely is a complete package, aiming to cater to the needs of its residents. If you call up for ease in transportation, markets, parks, or health care facilities, Gulshan e Maymar tops the chart! Here are some of the amenities listed below.


When the plan for this society was put forward, multiple parks were planned to be part of the community. Accordingly, a total of 86.2 acres of land has been allotted for the parks and playgrounds. Gulshan e Maymar has a distinguishing trait in this regard too, that is, it has a uniform distribution of the parks, such that, each sector bears a park with a specific theme. This themed game is very strong in these parks which compel families to hang out and spend quality time here.


Gulshan e Maymar won’t let you down when it comes to the grocery stores. Each sector has a store and thus, forbidding the residents to move far in a grocery hunt. Some of the renowned grocery stores include Imtiaz Super Market and Welcome Super Store in sector Z.

Healthcare Facilities and Hospitals

In case of an emergency, you don’t have to rush into the main city, seeking hospitals. This society is more than housing and has health care facilities in the area. Afsar Memorial hospital in sector W and Faiz-e-Aam Medical center in sector Z are always there for you in mishaps.

Ease in Transportation

Although Gulshan e Maymar is present at a distance from the main city. Nevertheless, it is connected to the city via two major roads: Lyari Expressway and Superhighway. This connection allows the residents of the society to travel the main city with ease.


Gulshan e Maymar is blessed with facilities like none. It has multiple schools, colleges, and universities nearby. However, it’s not just the educational institutes but has financial institutes like banks in the area. Different restaurants, bakeries, fitness clubs are also a part of the locality. Thus, a person might find it hard to look for a society other than Gulshan e Maymar.

Nearby Areas

Gulshan e Maymar has well-developed multiple housing societies nearby, including Scheme-33 and Faiza housing scheme. Also, the Dreamworld Resort hotel & Golf Course lies in the vicinity.

Investment Opportunities

Gulshan e Maymar emerged as a popular housing society within Karachi in no time. The property worth with respect to time has shown a drastic steep trend, indicating the uprise of the value. It gives wide investment options, offering residential, commercial, and free plots. With the ever-increasing development in the area, investors are flooding in to invest their fortune as the prices are only speculated to show the uptrend.

GULSHAN E MAYMAR Archives - Khaki.pk

Also, the two ongoing projects, including PHA Maymar Tower and Sumsum Tower, are luring investors across the city and thus are adding up to the worth. Gulshan e Maymar offers to buy and sell the houses. Renting a house is also of common practice but involves complications. If we view society with the eye of an investor, investing here seems to be a wise choice.

Final Thoughts

Living in Gulshan e Maymar would be an ideal option for those who are fed up with living in the congested city. Imagine a place having peace of mind, being at a distance from the main city. However, not everybody likes the idea of staying aside from the city. In that case, it won’t be a good option for you.

Other than residency, if you are seeking societies for investment opportunities, Gulshan e Maymar is just the one you are looking for!

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