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Bahria Town is the largest private housing society not just in Pakistan but in Asia as well. It is also the largest real-estate and construction developers in Pakistan with their establishments in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, which is the original community having nine phases with capacity of around 1 million people. Bahria Town is a gated-community which offers various amenities around the area such as schools, parks, sport facilities, stores and mart, recreational centers and a 24 hour secured system. After establishing successfully in the twin cities, Bahria Town has set firm grounds in Karachi. Understanding the problem of residents of Pakistan and especially Karachi, Bahria town has their own security and energy systems to provide a convenient, safe and advanced lifestyle at the lowest cost possible. It is committed to provide a high standard lifestyle catering the environment and considering the social and economic needs of the communities around.

In very less time, Bahria town has managed to capture the buzz and attention of citizens of Karachi. It has been able to attract the developers and buyers towards it by providing a wide range of property options and a foreign housing society style. It is not just any ordinary housing but it one-of-a-kind community with robust infrastructure and classic designs that it has received overwhelming response in Karachi as well. Having a land of more than 40,000 acres in Karachi, Bahria Town has more than 65 precincts launched at different occasions. As usual, Bahria Town Bahria Town has many sub-projects under the umbrella of Bahria Town Karachi and they keep on bringing new developments.

Current Situation of Bahria Town Karachi

 There are no doubts that Bahria Town Karachi has faced many challenges over the time such as Supreme Court cases, protests, backlashes, scandals, and a recently imposed 35% increment on the development charges. All of them are expected to lower the morale of both investors and buyers particularly with additional payment of development. Bahria Town resolved many matters and has waived off the development charges which a huge relief to the buyers. Despite of all the ups and downs, Bahria Town remains the top-notch housing society and shines like a twinkling star.

Launch of new precincts:

Bahria Town Karachi has shown a flowing growth over the years. Recently, they have launched three additional precincts i.e; Precinct 61, 62 and 63. It is expected that the affected people of Old Bahria Town Karachi will be facilitated in these precincts. It is also heard that some old disputed files already been shifted to these precincts. All the residential plots under these precincts are of 125 sq.ft and 250 sq.ft, facilitating the people in terms of cost and facilities. 

In addition to this development, Bahria Town Karachi aims to soon facilitate the residents or buyers of Bahria Paradise and Bahria sports city. This is definitely a good step towards creating a holistic environment and avoiding any conflict and chaos.

Development Status:

The development of Bahria Town Karachi is moving on fast pace in all blocks and precincts with the help of highly professional team of technicians, engineers and labors. However, most of the focus is on the initial precincts so they can be available for possession. Furthermore, as per the reports of Mr. Zeeshan most of the development is taking place in precinct 1 and other early precincts. For example, Quaid Villa and Iqbal Villa are mostly completed. Many banks have opened their branches in precinct 1. The construction of the mosque is also expected to be completed soon.

Not just the villas but commercial development is also taken care of in Midway Commercial. Moreover, many amenities have been launched such as the adventure park and other are under process such the Night Safari. Construction in precincts in 28, 35 and 34 are also happening along with the other developments.

Possession Status:

According to the news received by Mr. Zeeshan of MA Enterprises, Bahria Town Karachi is soon going to offer possessions of some precincts. Precincts 1 to 15 are considered to be of the same category and can be grouped in a bunch. Possession of some precincts became available by the month of March and April especially the precincts 1,5,6,7 and 8. The remaining of these 15 will also be available soon.

He also stated that the development work of other Bahria Town Karachi sub-projects such as Bahria Paradise and Bahria Sports city is being done rapidly too. The possessions of the precincts under these projects will also be available. Relevant actions are being taken to make the process quick, convenient and hassle free for the buyers and the investors as well.

One of the reasons for the protests against Bahria Town is the forceful possession. It was supposedly announced that Bahria Town Karachi will charge a penalty of 1 lac for late possession application which led to backlash and protests. However, the management of BTK was able to tackle with this matter and this proceeded this smoothly. There still are possession charges but the Bahria Town Karachi is not charging any additional amount and owners of ready for possession property are applying for the possession.


Prices of some precincts which are under development or are available for possession has been mentioned in the table below along with the sizes and type.

Precincts Development Status Size-Type Price
Precinct 1-3 Possession 150-250 sq. yard/Plot 12-15 million
Precinct 4-9 80-90% 250-1000 sq.yd/home 6.5-14 million
Precinct 10A Possession 200 sq.yd/home 12-13.5 million
Precinct 10B 84% 125 sq.yd/home 1.9-2.6 million
Precinct 11A Possession 200 sq.yd/home 7-9 million
Precinct 11B 84% 125 sq.yd/Home and plot 2-5 million
Precinct 18 Possession 1000 sq.yd/home 15-21 million
Precinct 19 Possession 1000-3000sq.yd/2,3,4 bed 10-15  million
Precinct 23 90% 125 sq.yd/ plot 1.3-2 million
Precinct 33 70% 500 sq.yd/ plot 4-5 million
Midway Comm. Possession 125 sq.yd/commercial 30-50 million
Bahria heights 60% 1150 sqft-2 bed 6-8 million

Bahria Paradise: This project offers size range 250, 500 and 1000 sq.Yards. The asking premium of an average 250 sq.Y plot is around 0.5 to 1.2 million depending the location and precinct. However, precinct 52 and 53 are relatably affordable and precinct 51 is the most popular and the most expensive one.

Bahria Golf city: It offers a size range 500, 1000 and 2000 sq.Yards. The asking premium of 2000 sq.Y plot is around 20 to 25 million. However, some of the precincts which are slightly farther than the central location of this project are priced at the same launching price which was 8.5 million.

Bahria Sports city: Few of the precincts under this project are going to be available for possession in the near future. The size ranges from 250, 350, 500 and 1000 sq.Yards and the price premium ranges from 12 to 15 million for 350 sq.Yards.

Bahria Town Green:

Bahria town is considered to be a high status and luxury living style with all the beautiful and foreign style infrastructure. To counteract this problem, Bahria Town launched their environment friendly initiative ‘Bahria Town Green’ taking the socio-economic needs of the society in consideration. At the launch of this program, the great business developer and tycoon, Mr. Malik Riaz Hussain said that the objective behind this initiative is to provide low-cost and affordable living to the society so everyone can improve the living standard or can simply get a roof over their head regardless of their income level.

It will be a gated-community with all the facilities and amenities around the corner just on low-cost to the people of Pakistan. The houses will be of same size, design, infrastructure and built with the same technology as of any other project, precinct or block but will be provided to the buyer on an installment plan of 4 years. However, possession will be provided in three years. This gated-community will also have an individual block for overseas Pakistani. The booking for the plots/homes under this project will be available to all expatriates and locals who have always trusted the quality and objective of Bahria Town.

Location of Bahria Green:

The exact location of Bahria Green has not been revealed by the officials but it is clear that Bahria Green can be reached though M9 Hyderabad and Karachi motorway. It is also near Seven Wonders City, DHA housing society, Commander City, Scheme 33, ASF City, and Karachi Golf City.

Features and facilities of Bahria green:

The features of Bahria green are same as any project under Bahria town such as 24 hour armed security, gated community, ideal location, emergency services, healthcare facilities, schools and other necessities nearby, recreational actives and public places.

No such announcement has been made of amenities around Bahria green but residents would have complete access to

  • Bahria adventure and theme park
  • Night Safari
  • Danzoo
  • 5-star hotel
  • Carnival area
  • sport complex
  • Rafi cricket stadium
  • Hypermarket
  • Cine gold plex cinemas

Payment Plan of Bahria green:

The following payment plan is for 75 square yard as revealed by the Bahria Town Karachi and other associations.

Processing Fee PKR 5,000
Down Payment PKR 295,000
Installments every three month PKR 86,250
Total installments (16 in 4 years) PKR 1,380,000
Total payment PKR 1,675,000

(It is to be noted that maintenance, development and service charges will be paid separately. Similarly, parking facility, boulevard and all-corner facility will be charged additionally)

Festivities around Bahria Town Karachi:

Bahria Town Karachi always comes up with a grand and unique way of celebrating occasions and festivals. At the different amenities, attractions or public space events are planned according to the occasion and the celebration is kept open for the pubic. It is considered to be a great chance for potential buyers and genuine buyers to visit the place. Some of the activities are;

  • Freedom fireworks
  • Musical Show at Danzoo
  • Dancing fountains
  • Carnival fun

Inauguration of first ever petrol pump:

Since Bahria Town is a gated-community, they aim to provide all the facilities and amenities within the community. Bahria Town Karachi has achieved a milestone by inaugurating the first ever PSO petrol pump. A short inauguration ceremony was celebrated in precinct 18, Ali block on May 20th, 2020. This petrol pump is expected to provide all the facilities any recent or advanced petrol station would have. This will not only meet the fuel requirements of residents of Bahria Town Karachi but will also create a sense of satisfaction of having every necessity and luxury nearby. In addition to this, Bahria Town Karachi also holds the pride of being the only housing society of having this facility within the community.

Concluding remarks:

Being an ultramodern gated community, Bahria Town boasts a properly planned infrastructure to facilitate the living of people. Despite of the extra-ordinary features and all-in-one-community provided by Bahria Town, the market has been slowed due to the protests, backlash and the on-going pandemic. The situation has made people dubious as of where and how much to invest during this times. For the past two months, there were only sellers but due to the untiring efforts of the team Bahria Town Karachi, situation is changing and improving day by day.

Also reports according to the official tweets of Mr. Malik Riaz Hussain that investors are ready to make investments. The project is attracting buyers not from Pakistan only but from abroad as well. Some precincts have already seen improvements. The process and procedures have been made easier, transfer has been made smooth. Bahria Town wants to make the entire experience simple, convenient yet grand.

We will keep you updated with any further development or changes. However, for any query or feedback, you can reach out to us via comments.

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