Top Famous and Profitable Property Investment Options in Karachi

The trendiest investment is the investment in real estate. This reflects the demand for properties worldwide. What could be the possible reason for this? Investing in real estate provides you with numerous benefits, from generating rental income to capital gains. However, the profit generated from a property depends upon various factors, location being the prime one.

With the outbreak of pandemic there’s been a slight fall in properties worth. To counter act the fall, government of Pakistan has announced tax relief for the builders and investors by the provision of tax ordinance 2020. This act encouraged investors to invest in properties like never before! Such that, real estate sector in Pakistan has been developed enough to become an industry.

Investment opportunities in Karachi:

The big cities of Pakistan have witnessed incredible real estate growth, that is, huge number of people are investing in properties and making a good fortune out of it. Now that we have highlighted “The Big Cities”, lets primarily focus on the real estate of Karachi.

Karachi, a metropolitan city, is the economical hub of country having population over 14 million. Being densely populated, there is ever increasing demand for property in the region. Keeping this in view, multiple housing projects have been developed in Karachi that offer wide range of investment opportunities.

This city bears extensive property investment options for the investors. Now if you are all geared up to invest in a property, firstly you should know what kind of property will benefit you the most. There are different kinds of properties having difference in valuation. The types of properties are listed below in decreasing valuation order.

  • Commercial properties
  • Residential properties
  • Open plots

Well, each type of property has its own investment opportunities. However commercial property outranks the rest. Various real estate projects rich in commercial and residential properties have been launched in Karachi. These projects act like a game changer for the investors, paving their way to make the maximum profit.

Without a further ado, let’s move on the best property investment options in Karachi.

Best Investment Options:

The valuation of property is dependent upon location and amenities offered by the place. There are several areas in Karachi offering best investment opportunities, we have enlisted those places along with their location and amenities as follows:

DHA, Karachi:

By far the best property investment option in Karachi is DHA. Once you purchase a property in DHA, the only thing you will witness is skyrocketed value of the property. No, we are not bluffing! Pondering why are we so sure about this anticipation? The valuation of property experiences the uptrend when the environment, security and lifestyle of the area surrounding the property is overwhelming. Fortunately, DHA is among the top housing communities that offers all the mentioned amenities. This housing society spans over 8,838 acres of land and offers a variety of commercial and residential properties.

DHA Karachi And More - Latest Updates & Investment Guides - Faizan Barai -


DHA is located at a distance of about 35 km from Jinnah International Airport. It is connected to the city via M-9 Super Highway.


DHA provides unparalleled facilities, the basic being luxurious lifestyle. DHA aims at providing exceptional standards of life, with modern infrastructure, exquisite buildings and clean environment. The amenities offered by DHA are:

  • Malls
  • Amusement parks
  • Shopping centers
  • Apartments complex
  • Cinema
  • Pool

Scheme 33:

Investors are showing keen interest in Scheme 33. It’s an ever-developing area validated by the fact that it houses more than 293 housing societies. This scheme offers residential as well as commercial properties that are showing an uptrend in valuation. What makes this project so special? What does it have for you? Honestly, it has everything to cater your needs.

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As said, location has a significant impact on property’s worth. Scheme 33 is blessed in this regard, having a focal location enabling you to reach the corners of the city with ease. It is located near Super highway.


Talking about amenities and not considering Scheme 33 is so not done! As it’s housing a huge number of societies, providing facilities is its main course. These facilities may run from supermarkets, hospitals educational institutes to banks and restaurants. A complete package, isn’t it?

Bahria town, Karachi:

Bahria town is a renowned housing community and is best known for the investment purposes. Bahria town offers residential as well as commercial properties with ever increasing worth. Investors are always looking forward to invest in Bahria town and rightly so. If you are thinking to invest here just do it without a second thought! You can look for villas and apartments here on sale that can generate a decent monthly income.

Bahria Town implementation case: SC orders NAB to probe MDA, K4 projects -  Pakistan - DAWN.COM


The location helps it stand out, being in vicinity to Jinnah International Airport and Super Highway toll plaza.


It offers an immense number of amenities like:

  • Healthcare facilities
  • Educational Institutes
  • Recreational parks
  • Alert security
  • Restaurants
  • Cricket and Golf stadium
  • Cinema

Tariq Road:

It is one of the most popularly known places of Karachi. This place has the potential to generate considerable amount of money, thus it is successful in catching investors’ attention. It offers wide range of investment options having secured commercial and residential properties. Being one of the top shopping destinations of Karachi, the commercial worth of this place is touching the sky, so investing here in commercial properties could be fruitful. While investing in property, security is given due importance. In this respect Tariq road is definitely a winner! As it’s one of the safest places in Karachi.


Located in Jamshed town, it is among the busiest roads of Karachi and is well connected to the city.


  • If you are seeking apartments, find yourself lucky, as luxurious apartments are located at the main Tariq road
  • Masjids, shopping centers, malls, healthcare facilities, car accessories and supermarkets are located here


When you are seeking properties for the sake of investment, make sure you don’t miss out properties in Gulistan-e-Johar. Being a residential area, it houses dense population. Likewise, there is a demand for residential and commercial properties. This place best suits the middle class as the housing units are pocket friendly. Thus, the properties here are affordable and could be a potent source of income. While considering a commercial property, the key focus is on the amount of money generated from the property which in turn depends upon the people visiting the property. As Gulistan-e-Johar houses large number of populations, purchasing a commercial property here will generate easy cash flow.


Gulistan-e-Johar no doubt has a prime location because it’s present in the very center of Karachi. Also, it enjoys vicinity to Jinnah Avenue and Jinnah International Airport.


  • Shopping centers
  • Apartment complexes
  • Supermarkets

The Bottom Line:

So these were some of the promising places to invest in. However, one thing should be kept in mind that investing in property requires you to keep up with its changing trends. Basically, It’s all about investing on right time in right place.

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