Urbanization in Malir Town Karachi

Malir Town is one of the 18 towns of Karachi with seven union councils. Initially, it was considered as the countryside of Karachi due to the greenery and grassy atmosphere. Unfortunately, the situation didn’t remain the same and it became a barren land. However, over the years, both of the Malir districts, namely Gadap Town and Malir Town have been developed and are regarded as the suburbs of Karachi with diverse population of all ethnicities. However, Balochis and Sindhis are mostly residing in this area and form a majority.

Malir Town came into existence in 2001 as a result of The local government Ordinance 2001 but was disbanded in 2011. In 2015, the chapter was re-opened and the town was re-organized as Karachi Malir District. Malir has some popular neighborhoods such as Saudabad which connects to India via its train service called ‘Thar Express’. However, another part of Malir, previously called Khokrapar named after a border district in Tharparkar and now called Azam colony.

It is located in the eastern part of Karachi, bordered by Jinnah International Airport, Karachi. It is nearby Malir Cantonment and Memon Goth, with Malir River and Shah Faisal Colony to the South and Gadap Town to the east across the Thaddo nalo stream. Malir town is the area with a large number of middle class and income level families residing. A lot of other facilities such as transport, bus stops, educational and health institutes, mosques, banks and other recreational activities are readily available on a short drive.

Here is a detailed guide of necessities and amenities available in and nearby Malir Town Karachi;

Educational and health institutes:

Both of these things are key decisive factors when looking out for homes. Every parent wishes to send their children to one of the best schools with quality education and these schools add a plus point to any locality. Malir district one of the largest districts of Karachi with two large towns; Gadap Town and Malir Town. With a large number of people, good educational and health facility becomes a must. Following are the schools, colleges and universities in Malir town or in nearby towns.

  • Fauji foundation Model school is not just a well-reputed school in Malir but in Karachi as well. They have a great number of enrollments from all over Karachi.
  • Bright career grammar school has a branch opened in Malir town. BCGS provides quality education with great campus life and well-qualified teachers and staff.
  • Sindh Public School is another school in Malir town aimed at preparing the new generation with latest educational standards with affordable fee plans.
  • Little genius grammar school started with its campus focused on pre-primary and primary. Recently, they have expanded the system and had the school affiliated with Board of Secondar Education.
  • Al-Kamran Public School is one of the oldest schools in Karachi. It was initiated by Malir Govt in 1982. It is co-ed school with primary and secondary level education.
  • Some other schools in the nearby areas are CDG boys’ and girls’ elementary school, Innovative Public school, Hydri Public school in Khokhrapur, Monte Carlo Grammar School, Anum Bright School and many others as well.
  • As for university, Sindh Institute of science and technology is in Malir town for diploma and other certifications in many domains.  Other universities such as Habib University and Iqra university are in close proximity.

As mentioned above, health is another factor, residents consider in any locality. People need to hav the satisfaction of having a reliable health and medical facility in the town on in close proximity, in case of an emergency. Following are the best hospitals and clinics available;

  • Hassan general Hospital in Darakshan cooperative housing society with best PMDC recognized doctors and is known and popular in all over Karachi.
  • Al Murtaza medical complex has been providing health care facilities to many residents of Malir since it is on a short drive.
  • Sindh hospital Karachi, Nehal hospital, Fatima eye hospital, and many other top doctors have their personal clinics around this locality.

Security and peace:

Since Malir is not in the centre of the city, it is considerably peaceful and serene. It was previously called as the countryside of Karachi due to the grassy and greenery in this district. Due to the negligence of the governments on governments, this district doesn’t have the original nature to it, anymore.

Karachi is a metropolitan city with busy life. At the end of the day, we’re often exhausted and stressed out from the grind and the chaos and the busy-ness of the day. What we really crave at that hour, is peace and calm. Malir town being at a distinct location, gives the resident to have the time to their selves apart from the noisy and busy streets.

Another very important factor to consider living in Malir Town is the safety and security of this area. Karachi has seen the worst of crime rate over the years. While snatching, robbery, gun-point killing, kidnapping and extortion became a norm in most of the Karachi, Malir town focused on the safety of this area. Malir town overshadows many other elite and posh areas as well when it comes to security and control. It has one of the lowest crime rates in Karachi having its own security team and caretakers. Malir town is regarded as one of the safest areas with Malir Cantonment being the safest in Karachi, which comes under the security of Pakistan armed forces.

Public transport and bus stops:

The accessibility to public transport always had a vital importance, particularly among the middle and lower class. These are the end users of these vehicles as it provides them easy, day to day transit at an affordable rate. Malir town has a number of bus stops in and around its area such as

  • Malir 15 bus stop
  • Saudabad Square
  • Urdu Chowk bus stop
  • Hasnain bus stop
  • 7-Star bus stop
  • Khokhrapar No.1
  • Muhabbat Nagar bus stop
  • Malir Kala Board bus stop
  • Liaquatabad Square bus stop
  • Zaid Manzil bus stop

Many mini buses have their routes from Malir to all over karachi. The new Karachi Green line project also have planned routes for Malir. Private transport companies such as Uber and Careem have all of their services readily available in area of Malir. Many private van/hiace companies such as Airlift and Swvl have many routes and slots available for Malir Town.

Markets and shops in Malir town:

Residents have to go to the market and vendors for daily useful stuff. This may include groceries, vegetables and fruits, dairy products, and meat and most people get these things daily or at least thrice a week. Therefore, it is important they get all of this easily at a walking distance. Luckily for residents of Malir town Karachi, all of these things are available in all the areas and the residents don’t need to go far to look out for essentials. Muhammadi market on Khokrapar is one great place to get everything from vegetables and OTC medicines to clothes and shoes. It is visited by a large number of residents not just of Malir town but of Karachi.

Worship places and banks:

These things are ignored by many people and considered but not having any of these in near proximity creates a lot of problems on daily basis. Muslims have to pray 5 times a day and men are advised to do so in the mosque. Imagine having a mosque at a farther distance and having to travel to that location five times a day. Malir town has some very beautiful mosques for different school of thoughts. Masjid-e-Hasnain, Masjid-e-Zehra, Imamia masjid and Farooq-e-azam mosque are the most popular ones.

There are different religions residing in Malir town and for their ease, they have Divine Mercy Church in Sabir colony, Khokarpar. A catholic church, St.Joseph’s church is also in Jafar-e-tayab which is on a very short drive from most areas of Malir town.

Some banks have opened up their branches in Malir town including The first microfinance bank, Meezan bank, and UBL bank in kausar town.

Malls and shopping centres in Malir Town:

Malir has developed significantly over the years in terms of facilities and infrastructure. Initially, there were no malls or shopping plazas in Malir but few malls have been constructed and there are few shopping centres in further planning of construction and development of Malir town Karachi

  • The gated community of Malir town, Malir cantonment have been provided with first mall. Askari Star Mall is the only air-conditioned mall not just in Cantonment but in Malir town. It has all the facilities and brands available as of any other mall.
  • Ghanchi mall is another mall in Malir town with exclusive local and branded outlets. It is located in Malir 15 on Memon goth road. It has a variety of cloth and garment stores where all types of garments and cloths are available with best and original quality.
  • There are other malls which come under the nearby areas of Malir town such as Luckyone Mall, Milenium Mall, Masood Alam’s shopping centre and Omega city mall. 

Self-grooming and fitness centres: 

Although there are no as such big names when it comes beauty salons and parlors but for a quick monthly routine or makeovers; there are various options in almost all areas around Malir town, Karachi. Some best options for beauty fix are Varisha’s beauty salon, Muskan beauty salon and Mehak’s beauty salon and training centre.

When it comes to fitness, Malir town has many sports ground mainly for cricket and football. Some sports grounds where a lot of kids and even adults play and take the stress out of the week are Pak Star Cricket ground in Sabir Colony, Khokhrapar, Azad cricket academy which is managed by Mr. Saeed Azad, who played 9-international one day matches under Javed Miandad’s captaincy, RCD ground in Saudabad and Khokhar ground for both cricket/football. There are some fitness clubs and gyms too in malir town such as Malir Centre, Legend gym, body project, and many others. There are some parks as well where residents go for daily walk or jog. These parks also have some rides for kids to enjoy.

Other recreational activities:

There are many options of eateries around Malir town such as New Al Makkah restaurant, Genivi restaurant, Bistro tonight, VIP halwa puri point and a long list to go.

At a little distance from Malir town, there is another world for fun activities for all age groups such as Onederland in Lucky One mall, Play area and cinema in Millenium mall, Pavilion End club and Aladdin.

Price Structure for Malir town Karachi:

The prices of plots in Malir town Karachi ranges between

  • 80 Sq.Yard for 14 to 25 lacs
  • 120 Sq.Yards 40 to 50 lacs. In some lesser popular areas of Karachi, the price might go down to 25 to 30 lacs.

The prices of flats in Malir town Karachi ranges between

  • A 2-bed flat ranges from 17 lacs and can go up to 1 crore.
  • A 3-bed flat ranges 15.5 lacs to 3.5 crores.

The rental prices for a 240 sq.Yd, 10-bedroom apartment can go from 95 thousands to 110 thousands. Whereas a 2-bedroom flat could be rented for 18 thousand to 40 thousand and a 3-bed flat could be around 19 thousand to 55 thousand.

With the ever increasing demand of house supply, Malir town is targeting and facilitating the middle class of Karachi. The prices can always fluctuate depending upon the situation of the market. However, comparatively, Malir Town Karachi offers a fair deal for residential and commercial plots, flats and apartments. A majority of middle income level is residing in Malir town and is considered to be satisfied with the facilities provided such as provision of electricity, gas, water, accessibility to all necessities and amenities.

There are many other projects that are being developed within the Malir town which targets to provide a luxurious lifestyle that too at an affordable price.

For upcoming developments and projects, keep following our page. We will keep you updated.

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